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Join us for Raid Your Closet, an 8-week challenge designed to help you measure your progress without obsessing over the number on the scale!  

The Raid Your Closet details:

  1. Choose an outfit for the challenge. It can be ANYTHING you want (something that doesn’t fit quite right, something you wear all the time, casual, dressy, just a top, just pants, a whole outfit). You’ll use the same outfit for the full 8 weeks.
  2. You’ll send your initial photo to me during the weekend of January 19th.
  3. You’ll  submit a new photo each week marked with the date.
  4. The goal? Track your progress through photos.
  5. Finish the entire challenge and be entered to win a prize!

The challenge runs from January 19th-March 17th

During the eight week challenge, you’ll have access to:

  1. Our private FB community.
  2. 1000s of Recipes and example meal plans.
  3. My workout library with exercise routines for all levels, including seated modifications.
  4. Our coaching call archives with helpful info on hundreds of wellness related topics.
  5. Live events: Weekly coaching calls and workouts!
  6. Daily support and accountability!

You’ll pay just $31.99 for the 8-week challenge. Your Sisterhood membership will renew at 31.99/month after the eight weeks. No contracts. Cancel any time.